Friday, December 03, 2010

Creating your own Character

Meet Senkou a character I created in high school for a story I was writing. This is the 2009 version of him.
Many people have asked me, "how do I create a character?" Easily!

First and idea needs to pop into your head! What influences you? Music normally does the trick for me.
It sets the mood for my characters. See how Senkou has a bit of rock/punk in him? Jewelry, pose, hair, colors, and even expression was influenced by the music/mood I was in.

Next up is to actually draw out the character. What pops into your head? What's his/hers "background" story? Their A past, present, & future? This helps get you understand Why he/she "exists".
Senkou here is the main character of my story, and he's a bounty hunter (he has a human partner as well), who doesn't know he's about to become the hero of the story.

Figure out next what do you want the character to look like! So this main character needed to be memorable and stand out from the rest of the characters. 
In the story, Senkou's name means Flash. Which means he needed to look agile, sleek, a little on the thin side. Narrow muzzle, long neck & tail, deep chest, lean the point?
Since this is his introductory picture, I wanted him to appear serious & ready with his pose. This can be different for your character. It's preference.

My favorite part, adding details! My characters have different meanings or symbols all over them. This again defines who they are or their particular personality. 
Senkou here is a bit of a maverick or rebel. Remember he's a "bounty hunter", so looking clean just isn't his style. Tattoos, punk/rock jewelry, and wild hair style just emphasizes the point he's making.
Now remember he doesn't know he's going to be a hero in the story?....See the necklace? Doesn't it seem a bit off from the rest of the items he's wearing? Mysterious.....

Next up is finishing the character by creating a color scheme. And you are done!

Remember characters are suppose to be fun and embellish them anyway you want!

Senkou/Art/Design © Heather O. Studio

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