Monday, January 25, 2010

What's on your iPhone?

I've had my 3G iPhone for a few months now. I want to share which apps were great for my business's well-being and for just the fun in life.

For business these are my top 5 apps:
  1. Virtual Receptionist (free; except after 60mins are up, but this keeps your cell safe)
  2. Trip Case (free; keeps all my hotels, flights, and rentals in one space. I can even share with my family and friends! This was so useful for my mother to know where I am ^^)
  3. Tick (free version; I am able to keep track of hours on each of my clients' projects)
  4. iDisk ($99/year with MobileMe; I am able to share and email files to clients from my iPhone! Great for someone who is always out and about)
  5. VehiCal (free; a great way to keep track of your vehicle expenses and mileage)

    For the personal side of life, these are my top 5 apps:
    1. Shazam (free version; download it, turn on your radio and tap Tag Now. You will love this app!)
    2. Amazon Kindle (or similar software) - (free; I love to read, but I can't always carry a book with me. That's where this app comes in! Best part, it stays in sync with my Kindle!! I always start where I left off no matter which device I am on!)
    3. Tipulicious (free; a great app when it's time to split the meal; try it out!)
    4. Starbucks Mobile Card (free; I love to know how much I have left on my Starbucks Cards. Try it out!)
    5. Teavana (free; I love this app! You will too, especially if you are a tea lover! Try this one out!)
    Well that was just a taste of what is on my me I have about 6 screens so far!
    So here's my question to you...What's on your iPhone?
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