Saturday, May 09, 2009

Open for Commissions!

Finally I'm open to take on Commissions!

All my fine art commissions are done traditionally or can be digitally colored.
I can do anything concerning Animals (either Anime Character style or natural) and Fantasy/mythological creatures. I will FanArt also in the media of your choosing (media listed below).
My pricings are usually standard for 1 character with a simple shadow shading. Additional characters, backgrounds, etc., are an extra cost. All of that is listed below.

I, currently, work in Staedtler ink pens, Prismacolor pencils, pencil, Photoshop and Illustrator (digital coloring).

~Here are some additional details~

• All commissions are on 8.5x11 copy paper; additional cost for acid-free Strathmore paper.
• S&H is $4 for all commission pieces (priority mail)
• US insurance add $5, International insurance add $25
• Original Finish/Final Work is shipped to client

• Unit price includes one character with simple shadow
• Additional characters cost extra (same piece)
• For simple background (symbols, washouts, etc.) add $30

• Line Art character is $25, and additional character on the same piece is $10, full backgrounds are $40

• For Color pencil character is $25, and additional character on the same piece is $20, a full background is $55

• For 1 digital color character is $120, and additional character is $75, and a full background costs $100

• For simple backgrounds (symbols, washouts, etc.) is an additional $30

I can create bookmarks, cards, or anything else in different sizes just check out my official price listing (this one gets updated a lot).
Feel free to send me a note or email through my web page if you are interested in a commissioned piece.

Official Price List

• Can I use your artwork on forums/Neopets/MySpace/Bebo/Orkut/etc...?
NO. I do not want my characters or really any commissioned artwork to be used anywhere else. A lot of my artwork is copyrighted, and clients' work are not to be reused anywhere or by anyone else.

• Can I repost your images on PhotoBucket/Flickr/Webshots/etc...?
NO. Please do not re-post my images anywhere without my given consent.
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